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I know you have a kind of “salad” in mind now, especially after reading the last post we dug into affiliate marketing.
You may be wondering where to start, what is worthwhile for you and what is more profitable?
So I will try in this short post to give you some tips like this to throw them away that will be a kind of lines of thought that will help you formulate a decision:
[+] Making money online is possible and it’s easy, just do not forget that it still works.
[+] Even after advancing and choosing a particular field we still look at it as a “business”, and it does not matter if we earn 500 NIS per month or 50,000 NIS per month and no matter if it is passive or active income, it is still a business and it is still a job.
[+] You’ll never make money if you do not start.


עבודה מהבית מתחילים עכשיו

Always, now is the best time to act in order to profit from working from home



[+] You can never know what works well as long as you have not tested it yourself.
[+] It is not possible to reach a situation where we are in passive income if we have not first gone through an active income path.
[+] “Business” is built slowly and gradually.
[+] The law of large numbers has enormous power, try as much as possible, one thing will statistically succeed.
[+] The Pareto law (80/20 law) says that 80% of the results come from – 20% of the work, so do not look for perfection.
[+] Multiple sources of income are always good, even if it’s at the beginning, however focus is one of the keys to success.
[+] Investing money is always better than investing time.
[+] Do not do before learning, no matter what and how!
[+] Always start from the easy, because seeing success gives a push forward.
[+] Do not give up! Never ! Do not give up! (Go read the failure story of Thomas Edison and Michael Jordan)
[+] In order to be successful, you also need mental work “] and not just physical, so believe in yourself and be around people who are encouraging and not energy-hungry, if there are none then do not tell what you are doing until at least one success is behind you.
[+] Success is to get the first shekel as income from the internet provided it will not be “Fox”, one and it happened very easy to replicate.

[+] Eggs do not keep in one basket !!!
Because Simon whenever he does not want more customers, and Google whenever they stop approving me ads and maybe block my account and. . . . . . Do not rely on the number “1” in anything.
[+] What works for me does not necessarily work for you, even if you do the exact same thing, it does not have an exact explanation but it is a reality, try for yourself and be creative, look for how you contribute the “extra” and not how to earn more, because when you work right And give value, (and this is true for every industry and every niche) money comes (alone, yes!) Do not believe, so here I remind you that Madonna would put on the radio her most beautiful song from any new album for free, however people would rush to buy the tapes, And all the singers do the same thing, why?

This is already a whole Torah worth learning.
The first shekel is not far from meeting your current account, so roll it so that it arrives quickly.


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