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The digital world took a very prestigious turn in the early 21st century, where Google began to understand how to make money and where many opportunities for making money through the internet began some of which became extinct over time and some only evolving over the years.

Of course to this day the internet world is evolving and every day there is new, new technology, new tools and new options and they all bring with them additional ways of working through the internet and new sources of income that can be adopted in working from home.

So we will not be able to cover this whole world of work from home at all and in particular making money through the internet, however, in this series of posts we have covered almost all the ways that are the principle and thought base for almost any field, niche or income channel you choose, the principles will be similar and profit model Will be similar, however occasionally something new may pop up that here is exactly the place to say that there is no problem to try as long as we are not arrogant in financial investments in unfamiliar things.

In the last post we presented one of the ways that constitutes an almost completely passive income channel and is a one-time work from home that generates us potential income from the Internet without limits that can reach tens and hundreds of thousands of shekels monthly and even more (by the way I do not exaggerate, there are already more than 100 million dollars About 10 or 15 years).
We also presented the disadvantages of creating digital information products and explained that we still need to take the disadvantages in proportion, however, here we will talk about one of the famous ways to make money through the internet that started somewhere in the 90s and it only intensifies with options as technology evolves and market opens .

We are talking about all the benefits of an information product, without the disadvantages, except that we are not earning 100% here but a certain commission from the sale price.

Affiliate Marketing
Welcome to one of the worlds of marketing and generating controversial internet profits!
This is a bigger industry than any other marketing field, certainly when it comes to internet marketing, work from home or passive property and in general everything related to how to make money from the internet?

שיווק שותפים



If you have not heard, you will hear statements like:
“It does not work”, “Affiliate marketing is a regret”, “Today it does not work anymore”, “He succeeded because .. XXX” and lots of other excuses that whoever is behind two types of people, those who did not succeed (which is the majority, we will explain why in detail In another post) or those who have not tried at all and have baseless beliefs!

So yes, this is a very profitable field, has always been and always will be and always will be a place for everyone, why am I sure?
Because it is a very simple principle, and everyone who is involved in the process benefits.

Example of a quick illustration:
Shimon has an insurance company that specializes in sports car insurance, and he has been in the field for 10 years so he had time to know what the customers’ needs are and how many deals he closes each month, what percentage of closing a deal and many other data according to the company’s monthly reports.
So according to the reports, he knows with absolute certainty that out of every 10 inquiries from customers who leave details on the company’s website for an offer, two close, which puts in an average of NIS 5,600 each.
By the way, Shimon also knows that out of every 100 visitors to the site, 10 customers leave a request for an offer.

A lot of information can be deduced from this:
• For every 1000 visits to the site, he earns about 112,000 NIS
(1000 leading visits to 100 inquiries, of which 20 close a deal of 5600 NIS each)
• According to a previous section, it is easy to understand that each visitor to the site earns about 112 NIS on average
(112000 NIS / 1000 visitors = 112 NIS)
• For every application a customer leaves, he earns an average of NIS 1,120
(Out of every 10 inquiries 2 close at 5600 NIS each ß 11200 NIS / 10 = 1120 NIS)

So if Shimon decides to spend money on advertising, it will be profitable for him to pay Google for every click on his ad 100 NIS and still stay profitable because he already knows that every click is a visitor to the site and every visitor is worth 112 NIS.

But what if Yossi, who is an expert in online marketing and advertising, offers Shimon to bring him customers and take away from him the preoccupation with advertising and marketing that he can focus on customers and improving the company and service.

Yossi will ask for every transaction that actually closes NIS 100, is it profitable for Shimon? Certainly .
Is Simon saving advertising costs here? Let’s check.

When Shimon spends 100 NIS on Google for every click, it means that every 1000 visitors to the site will cost him 100,000 NIS, of which 100 will leave a call, so that each call cost him an average of 1000 NIS, of which 20 close a deal of 5600 NIS so he will bring in a total of 112,000 NIS. , After offsetting the payment to Google he is in a profit of 12,000 NIS which means about 20 customers in the bottom line he earned 12,000 NIS, 600 NIS in average profit for each transaction that is closed.

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If Yossi enters the picture, Shimon will benefit, because he will pay Yossi only for closing actual transactions, for every transaction that brings him 5,600 NIS he pays 100 NIS and is left with a profit of 5500 NIS, which is a huge difference.

After a month, Yossi notices that the visitor traffic he sends to Shimon’s site is not really high quality and out of every 1000 visitors 200 leave (which is better than the achievements Shimon would have achieved), but only 1 closes an actual deal, and he turns to Shimon with a new offer. Leaves on site and not for closing a deal.


Will Simon agree?
If we go back a bit we will remember that from every customer request Shimon earns an average of 1120 NIS, but now the quality of the referrals has halved, because then out of every 10 referrals 2 would close and now Yossi manages to lead to a situation where out of 1000 only one actually closes a deal, which is 200 times less than That Shimon would get, and this leads to a situation where for every customer request interested Shimon will earn only 1120/200 = 5.6 NIS, and it is still profitable and Shimon will have no problem paying Yossi 1.6 NIS for every request a customer leaves on the site and so he still pays only for results and builds for himself A large pool of interested customers who may in the future purchase without investing money in advertising.

So we presented here two scenarios in which Shimon as a business owner paid commissions to an outside body for pre-defined results, once it was for closing an actual deal (sale) and once for leaving details of an interested party (near), in both cases these scenarios were profitable for all parties And also to Shimon’s girlfriend.

What I have not said yet, that the two scenarios are the two most prominent types of affiliate marketing.
This is how it works in practice, only in the digital world it is even easier, because there are those who care to bring us, the marketers, business owners who want customers and are willing to pay for pre-defined results (whether it is a sale or near), it is the same body that also has enough Marketers who will bring traffic to the business owners’ sites, who will cause deals and leads to be closed as much as possible.
The same body is also responsible for knowing which marketer brought traffic, where and when, how many of them left and how many closed a deal and how much money each marketer (partner) deserves, how much should be charged from each business owner and they also charge and pay us.
And everything is done technologically by providing each affiliate with a unique link (link) that they know to follow and see how many came to the site / offer page / product leaving form / product page by clicking on this link and how many left details and how many bought at the end even if it Will happen after a few days.

This body is called an “affiliate marketing network”, and anyone who is interested in working in the field is called an “affiliate” who needs to register with the network in order to select one of the offers and receive his unique link (each offer has a different unique link).
The network already takes care of bringing in the offers through collaborations with business owners who are looking for customers.

And what does the affiliate network get out of all the hard work it does you ask?
Money, quite a bit of money! Let us return to the example of Shimon and Yossi. . .
Shimon was willing to pay 1.6 NIS for each application, in this case the chain can charge 1.6 NIS from Shimon and offer us the partners 1.2 NIS for any details left on Shimon’s website.
The chain also knows how to bargain with business owners and get us good deals and amazing commissions.

Let’s talk about the right concept and benefits:
First of all we start with the fact that in order to be successful in this field we need to go back to the previous post, read carefully every question we asked ourselves there, because that is exactly the key to success.
Analyzing these questions leads to a lot of knowledge, ways of thinking, ideas and successes and this is a whole Torah that should be written on at least a 150 page book!
But in short, always think how can I help?

In order to affiliate marketing, I try to choose an offer or product that is close to my heart, that I know a thing or two about and then decide to market it. Need to do a market test, is it a sought after product? Does it have competitors?
If so does it have advantages over competitors? And most importantly, how does this product help the end customer and in other words: what need or problem does this product solve for the customer?

Once we understand all this, it will be very easy to get traffic to any proposal that is chosen, and there are dozens of ways to bring traffic to the websites of business owners, whether in sponsored advertising, or free (organic) advertising.
If I say I get 5 NIS for all the details left for offer A, then I will have no problem doing an advertising campaign on Google or Facebook at my expense if I can get to the point where all such details cost me 3 NIS, then all I have left is to just turn on the tap , Spend more money and thus make more money.

Most of the work in affiliate marketing is divided into two essential levels:
1. Needs identification and market research:
Know the product, what it does, who is behind it and who needs it and why?
Then we will know how to reach the target audience in compelling language, whether it is through ads or through free inquiries (organic marketing).
2. Cracking an offer:
That it’s getting into a situation where I spend less money to get a desired result that I get paid for than the amount I get for each result. And this is done by basic research of the clientele, the market and the offer, by testing and orderly work after learning.

From there it remains only to duplicate the success, another campaign, another product and more of everything. . . .


Always remember that the law of large numbers plays a big role here.

1. First of all we get money from one body, even if we marketed 7 offers from different business owners and we each get paid, the chain takes care of paying us everything in one payment, we work with the chain only!
The owners of the estates do not know us and we do not know them.
2. No unnecessary tampering with customers, the product is not ours then
We do not deal with either customer service or cancellations and returns.
3. We can market dozens of different products from different fields to different countries without inventory management.
4. The network takes care of providing us with tools for advertising, and sometimes even tutorials.

הכסף הגדול בשיווק שותפים

Where is the big money in affiliate marketing?
The question here is how much can you gain from affiliate marketing, and is it really the number one marketing channel when it comes to money from the internet?
And is it even considered passive or effective work?
Well then as an answer to this complex question I will answer in one word: “Zap” Familiar? The largest price comparison site in the country works exactly on this principle, they discovered a need, added their touch with added value to the end customer (price comparison), and so it often happens that a customer eventually makes the purchase after clicking a link within Zap’s site, And here they got their commission.

It was just an idea, the creativity that exists in this field has no limits! Your stage.
And what Zap are actually doing, running their site with updates, new products, improvement, new areas and just looking for how to grow. . .

More than that, imagine for a moment if the business owner is actually a writer who wants to sell his book in the digital version, how much do you think he is willing to pay us if we talk in percentages?
After all, every purchase made through us partners increases his profit so that without us he would not have made this specific sale and he did not even lose anything, he has no cost here in selling another copy of the book because it is digital.

And this is true for any digital product, where the fees there can reach 70% of the cost of the product!
Yes, the product owner only gets 30% and we 70%, we earn more from him, and it pays off for him.
You understand why it is powerful, why affiliate marketing is profitable for all parties and why it is the foundation for the whole business world in general and digital marketing in particular.

And if you still ask how much you can earn?
So start making calculations and multiplications between offers that pay 10 NIS per hand, 100 NIS for closing a deal, 70% of the deal, and if we talk about abroad then there are also 400, 700 and even $ 1000 commissions for closing a deal. For closing a deal that can reach 900 NIS and more.

Before I move on to the next post that will briefly summarize the world of working from home or especially making money online, you should know that $ 70,000 (net profit after paying taxes) per month from affiliate marketing alone is the goal if you want to break records and it can encourage you to take on the challenge.




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