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There is no doubt that by the time you have finished reading the previous post, quite a few thoughts and directions for the beginning have already formed in your head and I will not even be surprised to hear that some of you already have mature ideas or projects that have begun to be tested.

You are now at a stage where you know very well what your goal is, whether to get a few thousand more as a supplement to your income or you want to develop several different work channels in order to make the Internet your main source of advertising (you can also go with one channel).

And you know the difference between effective online work (like running an eBay store) which is considered very lucrative work from home with an almost impossible income ceiling, and passive income through the internet like being a blogger and profiting from advertisements (or YouTuber it works on the same principle).
Of course being a blogger or YouTuber has quite a few more possibilities for generating profits like sponsorships, personal deals, etc., and not forgetting that we do not go out of proportion when using the phrase “passive income”, because even to make a living from advertising you have to do something, whether it is blog management and content creation On a regular basis, etc., when we call it work, whether we do it with love as a hobby or not.

The surprise is, there are more profitable and even more passive.
Why pay a commission to eBay if I can set up my own store with a website I own and enjoy all the profit?

Why even rely on advertising giants like Google to throw me a small percentage of what they earn when advertising deals can be made directly with the business owners?

And why even work with sharks when I can be a shark myself?
Work once, earn 100%.

להרוויח 100%

Up to the point that you have not yet read the following lines, the world of e-commerce and advertising is the most profitable that can be made with quite a bit of money through the internet in a work of between one and two hours as a start for those who want to progress at a reasonable pace.

Now let’s forget about everything that goes through our minds, take 3 seconds and neutralize thoughts and answer the following question:

What do you know how to do?
The answer to this question is responsible for putting thousands of shekels in your pocket every month, and in order to improve a little more and start talking in terms of tens of thousands of shekels, we will ask ourselves:
How can I help with what I know I can do, or with the knowledge I have?

Everyone has an area that he is very strong in, the one that friends call you to consult with, the one that if you wake up at two at night you will know how to answer, the one that you have done a lot of time in your life and gained experience and the one that makes you good and quiet to do time after time.

If you’ve been able to know what this thing you know to do, we’ll move on to the next step:
Is there a problem or need I can fill with this talent I have?

If your answer is no, then think again until you find,
If the answer is yes, start thinking how?

How can I solve a problem with my product (the knowledge / talent I have or through what I know to do best)?

Who needs my product? And why? What is their biggest pain I know to resolve?
But can I provide them with the solution through my product?

My product can be embodied in physical escort / counseling / training sessions, or by phone, but it can also be an online training, it can be a booklet, guide, digital book, video series, digital course, etc ..

מוצרים דיגיטליים רווחיים

All of those we mentioned call a digital information product:
Manufacturing such products is a field that is responsible for a multi-billion dollar industry every month,
And it can be in any field or niche.


A series of videos for personal fitness training at home
A digital book that explains how to overcome insomnia
Digital web development course
A YouTube channel that deals with healthy recipes and allows a monthly payment
Internet members club for pregnant women
And the list is endless ..

It is very easy to notice that all the examples are a product that has to be produced once and sold endlessly, because it is a digital product that also allows me to sell at relatively cheap prices because production costs are relatively small compared to the traditional world, for example. Printing copies, distribution to points of sale or direct delivery to the customer and of course marketing and advertising.

In the online world, on the other hand,
I need two hours of quiet to pour the knowledge I have into a Word file,
Format it small, convert it to a PDF file and that’s it. . .

I have a digital guide that I can sell for tens of shekels and even hundreds of shekels depending on the content and domain.
In this case, all my work comes down to marketing and advertising, which I can also take out for professionals who will do it for me.

What if I build a digital course that includes 120 detailed video lessons for learning programming and writing code in the JAVA language from scratch to the level of advanced.
It sounds logical that I would sell such a course for 3500 NIS when in the market (colleges, etc.) it can cost about 8000 NIS.
So enough that I sell 2 copies a month and have a salary.
What if I sell 10,20 or even 40 copies every month or even 2 copies every day? Finally understood ?

Yes we are talking about huge profits that I recommend to every person, no matter what he does in life, no matter what age and no matter what situation, who will taste the cake and have at least one information product of his own, completely ignoring the shortcomings I am about to present.

We have already talked about benefits between the lines and it is already clear that this can be one of the most effective ways of passive income through the internet, or even working from home if I just manage the marketing of my product and advertise it from home.

At the same time, there are some disadvantages, some of which, some of them will not sound like disadvantages.
First of all when I have my own product then I have the first and last responsibility for everything that happens around the product, I need to know what I promise will happen thanks to the product and keep promises, need to enable customer service and know how to give good service if necessary and deal with returns and cancellations.

If this is all around you, then you do not need to read the following post where we will talk about one of the most profitable ways in the world to generate revenue from the Internet and the most common that it has become a solid foundation for almost the entire business world.

All the disadvantages I mentioned above will not be in the next post because this revenue stream bypasses all these disadvantages, allowing you to enjoy real home work with almost no headache, no commitment to anyone and with no less profitability potential than an information product if not more.

Is it passive work via the internet or active? We will find out in the next post.

Before concluding one last word about information product manufacturing, the disadvantages we mentioned are natural things encountered in any real world business, are legitimate things that dwarf alongside effectiveness and utility which are the fundamental key to success in this field to increase the number of copies sold of your product.

There will always be snoozes and there will always be cancellations and returns, even in Castro and Adidas this happens, only you need to know how to deal with such situations, by setting a policy in advance.


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