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Most of the options for working via the Internet that we presented in the previous post dealt with working from home in quite specific areas that usually require prior knowledge from us.

But what if we find such a company that adapts itself to our skills?
The truth is that it has been around for a long time!

Each of us has an area he likes to work in, knows how to deal with or even it could be your official profession (especially if it’s something related to the world of computers and the internet – but not only -)

It can be graphic design,
Building a website,
Writing content,
Writing code (in any language possible),
Logo Design,
Link building,
Building a work plan,
Preparation of presentation,
Troubleshooting a computer or website,
Online advertising management,
Online Marketing,
Content editing,
Videos editing,
Editing photos and the list is still too long. . .

The two huge companies that make this possible are UpWork and Fiverr (an Israeli venture).
When both companies allow anyone looking for any service to find it through them by connecting the service providers and those seeking the service or final product.
Another good Israeli company in the field is XPlace.

Of course the part that interests us is to be service providers, everyone in what he knows.
Up-work is more specialized in more massive jobs / projects / services of professionals, and you can also find Full Time Job projects there.





On the other hand, I recommend starting with Fiverr, since starting there is relatively easy in terms of the variety of projects that can be offered, with most of the success here relying on the opinions of your customers who have already enjoyed your services. Of course there are some ways to get started on Fiverr and most of the information they provide you with detailed guides that make your job easier, which is one of the main reasons I recommend.
Here we are already talking about a relatively high level if you take into account the high ceiling element, because (almost) there is no ceiling to how much you can earn here except for one important (most) element that affects it, and that is your most precious resource, your time.

In this post we will learn how to disconnect this equation of time = money, in order to break any ceiling as high as it may be.

Passive / effective income
Here we are approaching the icing on the cake, and it is very important to arrive with thorough preparation.

Rule 1: No such animal has passive income!
Rule 2: Whatever field is chosen as easy as it is, it will still be “work”, and we should treat it as a business!

By accepting and understanding the two rules I mentioned, your pace of progress will be significantly accelerated, because then we no longer talk about science fiction, and do not use words like fast money and we already understand that if I make a million shekels a month from 2 minutes a day, it is still not passive, because I did something .

Even someone who ostensibly rents an apartment and receives NIS 7,000 at the end of each month and thinks he has a passive income, is wrong, because who takes care of problems, malfunctions, collection, offer for rent, renewal of contracts, etc.

So what is it?
The right question to ask yourself is:
If my time is the only thing that is limited, and therefore is the most precious resource there is, how much do I have to spend from it in order to get what I want?

The equation should be as little time as possible (until zero time) that produces me as much money as possible (until it satisfies my desires).
And if I get into a situation where tomorrow I can not work because I do not feel like it and I will still earn the same amount of money, then it can be called “passive income” in the relative sense, and that is where we are galloping, and we will deal with that in the next post.

After realizing that any field should be treated as work, in order to invest the seriousness required for success, and after realizing that there is no such thing as passive income, in order not to build theoretical expectations before actually feeling them.

I’ll throw you into deep water, exposing you to two giant sharks that are in the big money sea of ​​the big players.

The hard shark: e-commerce, the light shark: Adsense (and its competitors) – of course “hard and easy” is a definition relative to the other, and it is expressed in how much work needs to be done or how much time is needed to achieve results, especially in the beginning, how much research and testing Do and how long it takes until sufficient success.

This is a huge niche, a much larger industry than the human mind can imagine, an endless cake that always has more parts that have not yet been touched, and can always be tasted and even for every 2-3 pieces of fun.


3 Ways a 3PL Delivers Better Inventory Storage & eCommerce Fulfillment |  Promotion Fulfillment Center


I guess it’s already clear to you that I can not cover this world in one post, this is an area that is taught in detailed lectures and long courses, but I will explain at the tip of the fork the essence of the niche and some of the secrets behind achieving dizzying success in online revenue when relying on e-commerce .


Let’s start with the definition:
In English it is e-commerce which is e-commerce, with the two biggest players being Amazon and eBay.
And in simpler words, this is the option to sell any imaginable physical product online, and for that, there are two options:
1. Open your own store that will be accessed through your website
2. Use existing platforms to shorten processes
So it is clear that it is better, at least for a start, to use existing platforms like Amazon and eBay to sell our products, than to reinvent the wheel, and enjoy endless exposure and traffic flowing there every second.

Who can start you ask? Anyone, without any preconditions.
You have a product you want to sell, upload it to eBay for example, set the price and quantity available, decide which countries you are willing to ship to and whether the shipping will be free or paid and do not forget to determine if you want to put the product up for auction (auction, with controlled settings ) Or purchase with a fixed price only.

That is, once a purchase has been made of one of your products, you receive an alert, make the shipment, the customer pays to eBay, and after they make sure everything is fine they transfer the money to you after deducting their commission.

It sounds easy, and indeed it is, what is difficult is to know what the product is worth in the market, where I can buy it cheaper to compete in the market, what products are sold better, where there is demand, which country is better to focus on and more information only after research and testing Can be found out.

The second thing that is difficult, is the restrictions that are placed on you as a novice trader, say on eBay limit the amount of products you can manage in your store until you already achieve some results.

The main difficulty we did not talk about, the complexity.
While this is a work from home with tremendous potential for almost passive income via the internet (suppose we have already done all the testing and we already have a winning product sold at unbeatable profitability), but still we have to deal every time there is shopping with shipping and inventory management and tracking The market that we will not get lost.

Of course at this point it is hard for you to imagine how you can manage 500 sales every day and make a shipment for them when each purchase from another region in the world, yes, it can also be 10 sales a day and not 500 but wait, you forgot we are looking for the big part of the cake?

Well there are many tools in the market that make life easier for us and enable efficient and effective management of these areas, the world of island commerce is difficult at first and very easy as we progress.

And we will not go into sophisticated options like buying from Amazon and selling on eBay or even jumping to the top tier and managing so-called drop-shipping, which is in one sentence a shortcut of everything.

As an e-commerce-based trader, you have the option to make an agreement with a factory, manufacturer, large seller of the product that is sold profitably in your store (and this can be any product), so that whenever a purchase is made from your store, all you have to do
It is to pass the details to this manufacturer who will take care of shipping the product to the destination.

Thus, through drop shipping we save a lot of time, do not manage inventory, and do not mess with shipping, so what do we do?
Nothing, get money 😊, it already sounds more in the direction of passive online income.

The essence of your work will be embodied in improving the products, prices, entering other markets, constantly doing tests and market tests, etc.

גוגל אדסנס


Blogger / YouTuber
Being a blogger sounds old, and being a YouTuber sounds like an easy hit to be famous.
So neither this nor that, what few people know is that these two areas, both managing a personal blog and managing a personal YouTube channel, when we take care of creating quality content accordingly and regularly, whether it is written or filmed content, we open a door to a huge revenue stream And big enough to rely on commercials.

How It Works?
A blog is a website whose entire purpose is to share the content I write with others through posts, mostly written, when it can also be photos and videos.

Suppose my blog deals with proper nutrition and weight maintenance options.
It is very easy to agree with me that this is a niche that has an industry environment of millions, from nutrition consultants to diet instructors, fitness trainers and lots of other sub-fields falling into the same category.

And if we understand that in every such field there are many business owners who are looking for customers all the time, especially if they also deal online and have no limit on the amount of customers they can get (if selling a digital weight loss course for example), and those business owners also advertise online. .
So the idea was started by the digital advertising giant Google, after which many other similar platforms were built on the same principle.

So Google knows how to identify what the content of your site or blog is, of course we as blog owners, we will also help them understand this and analyze our site easily because that is our goal, and it has set up a Google Adsense program to share its profits with you.

Moshe runs a blog in the field of nutrition and every week with a new post with effective content, he already has 1000 followers.
Aviva is a nutritionist looking for clients, and to that end she is starting to advertise on Google.
Google recognizes an interest in Moshe’s site and links domains, (of course this happens after Moshe has already given Google access to his site and agreed to use his site / blog to display advertisements) and begins to display the ad that Aviva did on his blog.
This . . .
Every visitor / surfer who comes to Moshe’s website and clicks on the advertisement (yes, it is enough that he just clicks on the ad) Moshe receives money.
This is how it works in light of the fact that Aviva pays Google for clicks as well (she has already done her calculations and knows it is profitable for her), and then Google shares with Moshe the profits she received from Aviva because his blog helped generate those profits.

So suppose I run a blog in the field of diet (which by the way is a prestigious field that always has interest and money), and every day I upload a new post, the number of followers is only growing and they enjoy the content I provide and help them.

Suppose for every click Google pays me $ 0.2 and I have 10,000 followers who log into my blog every day.
So in a simple calculation, if only 1% click on the advertisements on my blog, which is 100 daily clicks that generate me about 2200 NIS every month.

I leave you alone for a moment to do calculations of the potential for a blog with a million visits a day, and a 5% click-through rate on ads and a $ 0.5 pay-per-click, it’s okay to close your eyes and imagine (but do something about it).

After seeing the two sharks and knowing how to deal with them, you may not have liked them, but at least you now know them and know what a sea shark looks like.
In the next post we will jump to the last step, and be yourself a shark.







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