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The internet is many things, a source of detail, and a location to

meet for many it is a big source of income.


Rising numbers of people are understanding that it is easy to

pull down big incomes online, from house and in your own time.

There are many ways and affiliate promotion is one of them.

So what is affiliate marketing actually?


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is essentially selling other people product and stuff online.

It differs to say internet auction websites selling or shops because there is no need for you to hold stock,

deal with customer problems or make a product.


You make your attendance online which is generally a blog, site,

or maybe a Twitter account. The next job is to attract people to visit your site, that is referred to as traffic.


The final job is to get the visitors to your site to click on a link that passes them to the shop owner or product.

When they arrive and buy the product you obtain a commission for referring the person.


It can be anything from a couple of dollars to several 100 dollars per sale.



The actual amount you get paid generally depends on the item and

how much it trades for and commissions can be whatever from a ratio of the buy prices to well over half the item price.

Not wrong if you market an item that sells for several 100 dollars.



The Resource and Tools

What is affiliate marketing?

Compared to any other business, affiliate marketing is very simple to get begun in.


The entry level is low and back bone you will need

(don’t hesitate about the technical problems yet) are hosting for

approximately $10 per month, a domain (or site name) for about $10 per year and

auto-responder which generally costs $19 per month. The auto-responder is liable for

capturing your site visitors email address, and name.



So what is affiliate marketing?

It is marketing other people stuff from hair products to books, videos and computer software.


As ecommerce grows, affiliate promotion and many of the largest names in

the business realize the power and importance of affiliates. After all if you are marketing their products it saves them on advertising.



Pick a product, invest in domain and hosting and auto-responder and then get going!

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