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Affiliate marketing is the process by which a company rewards

an individual (called the affiliate) for the marketing efforts of that affiliate.


what is affiliate marketing

how affiliate marketing works


The reward for this marketing effort is normally based on a sale,

but it could be based on another specified action

that the company defines in its affiliate program.


Subject to the program,

it may be based on how many times the company’s ad is viewed

on the affiliate’s website, or how many times that ad is clicked on.

It may also be based on number of conversions a link to lead to sales.



Whatever the exact program may be, the affiliate is basically

selling other people’s products in lieu of his own products.

This is basically the overview of what affiliate marketing is.


‘What is affiliate marketing and how does it work’ is a

theme that is easily understood.

As an affiliate, the company will provide you with your own

unique link to their website, or some other specified site,

from which a person might make a purchase.


The idea is this; once anybody clicks through your ID link and buy,

a commission for the sale is credited to your account. Although,

as stated, it may not necessarily be buying and selling, but it majorly

involves clicking a particular link to earn money.


what is cpa affiliate marketing1

what is cpa affiliate marketing1


In short, the act of referral typically rewards you with a

specified dollar amount or a specified percentage of that sale.


As an affiliate marketer you have the freedom to

market the company’s product any way you choose

within the guidelines of the company’s program.

This means that you can set up a standard ecommerce website

as base to market the products or you might set up a blog site,

or run an email campaign. Indeed you might do all of these or even

implement any number of other marketing strategies.


The point is that you need to develop a marketing strategy to be effective.


How Does it Work?

In understanding what is affiliate marketing and how does it work,

there are two critical issues to be considered when developing a strategy in

affiliate marketing. How do get people to click on your affiliate link,

and what happens when they do click through.


Having a steady traffic flow to your affiliate link is an essential

component to your marketing success.

If your link doesn’t reach target audience, they can’t click on it.


The creation of a blog site is a good way to start.

It is relatively painless to set up and can even be done for free using WordPress.

Writing interesting posts that contain hyperlinks or using

banner ads are two proven ways to generate clicks.


The buildup of popularity of your blog site, however, generally will take time.

Another way to generate traffic is through article writing.

Producing an article that is at least somewhat interesting would be great.

You can also then use someone else’s website to help get traffic to your site.


Having a professional sales team on the other end of your

affiliate link that will treat your prospect in a truly professional

manner is the second critical issue that is vital to your business.

This may be the sales force of the company itself or it may be

outside agency acting for the company on your behalf.

This allows you the freedom to be creative without having to actually close the sale.



Partnering with a company that conducts its

business the way you want to conduct business is truly the only way to go.


There is much more that can be discussed concerning affiliate marketing but this much is certain,

learning how to create a constant traffic flow and having a professional sales partner is vital.


In all, your understanding of What is affiliate marketing and how does it work as

explained so far will prove instrumental to your success in this internet marketing niche.


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