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If you have the skills then you can make a full time living from your magic and mentalism. Let me say from the outset that what I am discussing about in this age are mentalism and magic tricks for fun.
I am not discussing about contact people in their casting spells or after life for profit and fun.

Working the tablets at wedding and in restaurants
This is a general, and for some, most perfect way to make money in magic. Traditionally, mentalists do not perform as well as magicians in this atmosphere.
The factor for this is that at wedding and in restaurants there is generally plenty of alcohol flowing and this impairs the audience capability to follow hard magic tricks.

Working on cruise ships and in holiday resorts
Here you can find daily work albeit seasonal job and best way to make money. If you want to go down this route you must be ready to find other avenues of profit during the off-season.
To job in this area, you need to have a complete stage act. You can select either mentalism or magic.

Making and publishing your own mentalism and magic books and DVDs
If working in live audience front is not for you, you can sell your techniques to other magicians in way to make money.
Typically, this means making DVDs and books that each other are how to do routines and tricks you have created.
How much you will make will depend on how many copies of your product you sale. This is a remarkable deal of competition in this area and it can be hard for newcomer to break into the market.

Corporate mentalism and magic
Mentalists in particular can earn big profits working in the business environment. For example, businesses exhibiting in big conventions spend 1000 of dollars attempting to lure people over to their stands.
Professional mentalists are typically experts in audience and presentation control, a clear reworking of ideas can draw in the crowds.
If you can job a message into your act there will forever be businesses prepared to pay you for sending that message.

Organizing your own stage show
This is the riskiest idea of trying to make an income from mentalism and magic but even if you do not make a large profit you can go onto make one.
Very easy, organizing a stage show involves selling tickets and booking a venue. This is a best way to make money.


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