Terms of Use

The owner of this site (maxab.net) is subject to the law of the country where the law is conducted and administered and written in the “Hebrew” language.
Therefore, it was more correct to formulate the terms of use of the “Hebrew language”, a language in which the law is conducted in that country.

For convenience only, the terms of use have been translated into “English language” in automatic and / or robotic translation, which we have no control over errors that occurred during the translation, therefore, as a user of the site you agree to the terms of use in this link, written in the ” Hebrew ” language .

For the avoidance of doubt, the owner of the site and / or anyone on his behalf is not responsible for misunderstandings and / or inaccuracies and / or errors in translation and / or unclear content and / or lack of understanding of the terms of use written in the “English” language, and it is your responsibility to ensure that the terms of use appear below Identical to the terms of use of in “Hebrew” language, which can be read here and any ignorance of the terms resulting from inaccurate and / or incorrect translation or for any other reason applies to you.

In fact, by using this website, you accept the terms of use originally written in the “Hebrew” language that are here.

If you do not agree to accept the above and / or do not agree to accept the conditions set out in the regulations mentioned here, you are not authorized to access this site, take advantage of the site and / or use it.

It is recommended that you read these Terms of Use (here) thoroughly before using the Site.

These Terms of Use apply to any domain name specified in this document which is owned by Adsont and the derivatives of each domain name (subdo-main) respectively.

Hello and welcome to Adsont’s business website (Adsont, Maksab) (hereinafter: the “Website”). Adsont includes the services on its behalf and on behalf of other brands and / or activities under its control, including the following brands: Adsonet (adsonet) and / or Maxab and / or MKS and / or Yosef Gran and all activities and / or brand and / or business Other that may operate in the future under and / or in connection with Adsont.

For the avoidance of doubt, the nicknames “Site” and / or “the Site” refer to each of the domain names mentioned above, all respectively.

(For the sake of convenience, this document will refer to the activities mentioned jointly and severally: “the business”), and wherever the “business” is specified, the reference is to the business itself and / or the business and / or business services and / or business owners and / or anyone on its behalf.

The site allows access to the site under its control, as well as the products and services subject to it (hereinafter: “its derivatives”), which are available from the domain names adsonet.net, adsonet.co. maxab.net, jyosef.com and any other business-owned domain name.

The business also allows access to its landing pages at the addresses mentioned above and addresses as well as its website, interface and course applications – all subject to the following terms of use (hereinafter: “the contract”, “the agreement”) listed below. Where not otherwise expressly stated, the term “use of the Site” also means use of its derivatives.

By using the site, you accept the terms of use below. If you do not agree to the terms set out in these Terms, you are not authorized to access, use and / or use the Site. It is recommended that you read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Site.

  1. introduction

1.1. The headings in these Terms of Use are for convenience only and have no legal weight.

1.2. Wherever this Agreement specifies terms such as “you”, “user”, “registered user”, “unregistered user”, “surfer”, “surfer on the site”, or any other term that describes the person who performs operations through the site, and all accordingly By context, the reference is to you, who uses the site whether randomly or frequently, whether the user has registered for the site’s services or not; And will be referred to below as “User”.

1.3. The terms “business”, “website”, “we” and the like, refer to the business and / or anyone on its behalf. The terms “party”, “parties”, “we” refer in parallel to the business and the users together, or only one of them, respectively.

1.4. The meaning of “the site” – includes, among other things but not only, a newsletter and any other mail sent on its behalf, including a mobile application, as it arises in the future.

1.5. The definitions set forth in this contract shall apply to these Terms of Use, the Company’s Privacy Policy and any other document issued by the Business. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions supersede any section in the Guideline or other Terms and Conditions relating to the Business with respect to the Services listed in these Terms and Conditions. Any use of the terms of this policy, in the form of singular, plural, masculine, feminine and so on, is subject to change and should be construed accordingly.

1.6. The terms “information” and / or “content” include information of any kind, including without exhaustive, any verbal, visual, audio, audio-visual content or any combination thereof, as well as their design, processing, editing, Distribution and presentation, including but not exhaustive, any image, photograph, illustration, animation, diagram, image, simulation, sample, video, audio file and musical file, any software, file, computer code, application, format (format), protocol, database, interface and any character, sign, symbol and icon (icon), lectures delivered remotely (On-Line) and physically. All of these will be referred to below as: “Content”.

1.7. The business reserves the exclusive right to make any changes to its website and / or landing pages and / or its course website and / or courses, at any time, for any reason, without prior notice and without any liability on its part. These are changes such as, but not limited to, editing, adding, deleting, updating the site and / or its landing pages and / or the course site and / or the courses, the terms of use, the privacy policy and other business documents related to the site.

1.8. We encourage you to review these Terms of Use from time to time in order to be updated on the latest version of the contract to which you are committed.

1.9. By using the Site, you acknowledge that you have read the terms of use of the Site and its derivatives set forth below, you acknowledge the existence of the Privacy Policy Rules you must read and that you agree to use the Site and its derivatives subject to the terms set forth below. You agree to read all of the terms and conditions set forth below before using the Site. If you do not agree to the terms set out below, you are not authorized to access, use and / or use the Site.

1.10. These terms apply to the use of the site and its derivatives and the content contained therein visually and / or through any computer and / or other communication device that currently exists (such as cellular phones, PDAs, etc.) and / or that will exist in the future. These terms also apply to Use of the Website, whether through the Internet or through any other network or means of communication.

1.11. Please note that the business reserves the right to change, at its discretion and without obtaining the user’s consent, the terms of use of the site. At each entrance to the site, it will be possible to read the terms of use in their latest version, the link to which appears on the home page of the site.

1.12. These Terms of Use join the provisions of any other bylaws found on the Business Website, and in the event of non-compliance, the provisions of the specific By-Laws shall prevail, where so expressly stated. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail, as set forth in Section 1.5 above.

1.13. The terms of use of the site are worded in masculine language for convenience only, but they apply to both women and men.

1.14. For any questions regarding the use of the site, you can contact us through this contact form only.

2. The purpose of the site, its contents, products and services

2.1. Providing Internet marketing consulting.

2.2. Internet marketing investor clubs.

2.3. Internet Marketing Affiliate Network.

2.4. Personal accompaniment program for internet marketing.

2.5. Other Internet and marketing activities.

2.6. Conducting workshops, conferences and courses in the field of Internet marketing.

3. Site content and derivatives

3.1. The site is a platform that allows you to provide recommendations, blogs, courses, products, tutorials, books, videos, training programs and other content on Internet marketing and also allows you to comment on recommendations and content uploaded by the site system and / or by recommenders (see below) and surfers.

3.2. It should be emphasized that this is the provision of products / information services only, and / or other services. The provision of these services does not constitute a commitment to success and / or enrichment and / or increase in performance and / or any improvement in any action that the user performs, whether in his business or in his private life.

3.3. The user of the site and its services declares that he is aware that he will not make a demand and / or claim and / or lawsuit against the business and / or anyone on his behalf, in relation to his dissatisfaction with the services and / or non-compliance with his actual expectations before, during or after Receiving the services. The user also declares that he will not make a claim regarding a retroactive misunderstanding of the terms of use.

3.4. The recommendations uploaded to the site by interested parties, marketers and / or people who have participated in training and courses of the business in the past (hereinafter: “the recommenders”) are raised according to their best judgment and judgment. The business is not responsible for the number and frequency of uploading these recommendations nor for their professional quality and quality. Without derogating from the above, the business may remove from the site recommendations of recommenders at its sole discretion, and without prior notice to the recommenders and / or surfers and members registered on the site.

3.5. You undertake not to upload any content to the Site, which may infringe, in any form, on any other person and not to perform any act which may constitute an infringement of privacy, copyright infringement or any other intellectual property, publication of defamation and more.

3.6. The business may remove any content that infringes on the rights of third parties, whether through copyright infringement, intellectual property rights in trademarks, defamation, invasion of privacy, publication of pornographic and inappropriate content to minors, infringement of the good name and reputation of third parties, infringement In the security of the state and any other content that the business deems appropriate to remove or block at its sole discretion.

3.7. The business may exclude users and block users’ access, without any need to provide a justification or explanation, if the user violates any of these terms of use, uploads content that infringes the rights of third parties, infringes intellectual property rights, defamation, invasion of privacy, publishing content Pornographic and inappropriate for minors, damage to the good name and reputation of third parties, damage to national security, etc.

3.8. You are aware that during the use of the website you may be exposed to content from various sources, for which the business is not responsible in any way.

3.9. No information and / or content and / or recommendation and / or instruction on the site should be seen as a commitment and / or promise by the business for the realization of the ideas underlying these recommendations and / or instructions in practice. The responsibility for any action according to these recommendations or instructions will be on the user only, and the business will not bear any responsibility for them, as stated.

3.10. The business reserves the right at any time to provide others with any information that may be required of it by law, as well as its right to edit, remove and refuse to upload to the site any information, content and notice that the sole discretion of the business violates or violates any terms of this agreement.

3.11. You expressly agree not to contact other students outside of the places designated for this purpose by the business, whether for personal, commercial or any other purpose, without the prior written approval of the business.

3.12. The Business does not sponsor or express any opinion as to the correctness or accuracy of statements, positions, advice or any other information displayed on the Site by users or recommenders. You are aware that any reliance on statements, positions, advice or any other information displayed The site is made at your sole discretion and sole responsibility.

3.13. You agree not to upload, retrieve, transmit, distribute or post any Content, Information or Other Material including but without exhausting videos, movies, messages, images, files of various kinds, links, texts and any other information, which:

3.13.1. May infringe the intellectual property rights of the business and / or any other person, including, copyrights, patents, trademarks or any other proprietary right;

3.13.2. May restrict or prevent others from using the Site not in accordance with the Site’s capabilities;

3.13.3. Are prohibited from publication or use, and are defamatory, racist, threatening, abusive, insulting, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, other vulgar expression, content of a sexually explicit nature;

3.13.4. They are things that may encourage, coax, incite or assist after committing an act that is prohibited by law or may incur legal liability, content that contains a criminal or civil offense, content that infringes on privacy, harmful content, content that offends public sentiment;

3.13.5. They include sending spam messages, chain messages, uniform messages, uploading software code to the site, forwarding chain letters or spam, of any kind, private or commercial;

3.13.6. Includes computer software, computer code or application that includes a computer virus (“virus”), Trojans, Worms, Vandals, Malicious Applications, time bombs, Cancelbot components, corrupt files or other software or Other similar programs that may impair the proper operation of another person’s site or computer or another’s property;

3.13.7. Include content that is contrary to the accepted rules of use of the Internet or that may cause harm or harm to Internet users in general, and to the users of the site in particular;

3.13.8. Include content that may mislead a user, including any personal information of yours or any other user of the Site that is incorrect and inaccurate;

3.13.9. Include content that pertains to and identifies minors, their personal details or their address and ways of communicating with them;

3.13.10. Include content that you know is false, misleading or misleading.

3.13.11. Any content that the business deems appropriate to remove.

3.14. Without derogating from the above, by entering the site you expressly undertake not to:

3.14.1. Make any use of Content of any kind, including but not limited to images, videos and audio clips, which you do not have the right and / or permission to use.

3.14.2. To harass, threaten, “follow”, harm, insult, and violate any legal right of another person and / or body.

3.14.3. Upload, post, comment on, write, collect, any Content of a nature that is unfair, inappropriate, pornographic, defamatory or illegal.

3.14.4. Upload, publish, respond to, write, collect, any Content that is commercial in nature, that is intended to advertise, solicit for purchase, provide services, donations or that is intended to mislead a user, including uploading, posting, commenting, writing, collecting, any commercial content without express , In writing and in advance from the business.

3.14.5. Upload, publish, comment, write, collect any material that may constitute a criminal offense, may create a civil cause, which violates Israeli law and / or the law of another country.

3.14.6. Collect, “harvest” information about other users, including, and not limited to, collecting email addresses, personal information, photos or other materials on other users’ social networks.

3.14.7. Upload, publish, comment on, write, collect, any content that may harm the security of the State of Israel and / or any other country and / or that may violate military secrecy and / or military censorship.

3.14.8. Run or allow to run any computer application or any other means, including software such as Crawlers, Robots, etc., for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying or automatically retrieving content from the site. This includes not creating and not using such means to create a compilation, collection or repository that will contain content from the site.

3.14.9. Display content from the site in any way, including through any software, device, accessory or communication protocol – that changes the design of the site or removes any content from them, in particular advertisements and commercial content.

3.14.10. Make changes to the Site or copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, permit or license, create derivative works from or sell an item from the items of information, software, products or services originating from the Site.

3.15. The business does not undertake to store information uploaded to the site and / or that information published will continue to be published on the site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the business will make reasonable efforts to ensure that content uploaded to the Site is accessible and available to users.

3.16. The business will not bear any responsibility in relation to the content on the site and any end device in which they appear, their content, reliability, accuracy, reliability and impact on the computers of the site surfers, as well as any damage, inconvenience, loss, heartache etc. , To your property or to any third party due to the use of this content.

3.17. The business recommends that users exercise caution when it comes to publishing and uploading content to the site. The business recommends exercising caution with respect to “professional” information provided by users who define themselves or are defined by others as experts. The business clarifies that this information is not an alternative to professional advice, and is only a recommendation. Therefore, the business is not responsible for this content and the results arising from its use and you have the full and exclusive responsibility for your actions and their results.

4. Continuity, availability and reliability of service

4.1. The business reserves the exclusive right to make any changes to the site and its derivatives at any time for any reason, without prior notice and without any liability on its part.

4.2. The business may close the site and change it from time to time, its structure, appearance and the availability of the services and content provided on it, without any prior notice.

4.3. The business does not guarantee that the service provided on the site will not be interrupted, will be provided properly without interruptions and / or will be immune from illegal access to the business computers, damages, breakdowns, malfunctions, hardware and software failures or communication lines at the business or its suppliers. The business will not be liable for any damage – direct or indirect – mental distress, etc. in that it will be caused to you and / or your property as a result.

4.4. Despite the professionalism of the business and the content published on the site and / or in the courses, the business cannot guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the content and information on the site. If inaccuracies are found in the information on the site, the business must be notified so that it can correct it. The user will not have any claim and / or complaint or the like due to inaccuracy in any of the content appearing on the site or in its derivatives.

5. The use of the site and its contents

5.1. Users of the site can view and listen to the content displayed on the site.

5.2. Users who wish to be active on the site, among other things but not only, for the purpose of comments, writing on the site and receiving content intended for registered users only, are required to register on the site. The registration will be done through the designated pages on the business websites, after which the user receives a personal username and password assigned to him and his personal use only.

5.3. The business will retain the data of the registrants to the site as long as the user has not removed himself from the site, and even reserves the right to save this data even thereafter at his sole discretion.

5.4. The use of the website is not limited and open to all ages, but if the use you make of the website and / or the products and / or services you receive as part of the use of the website, whether these services involve payment or not, are permitted by law for adult users only, you declare Because: (a) you are at least 18 years old; (B) you are legally competent to use the Site for its various services, including making payments by means of payment registered in your name only; And (c) you have an e-mail box on the Internet.

5.5. If you do not meet the requirements of the above section, you are not authorized to use the paid site services.

5.6. Upon commencement of use you waive any claim, claim and / or demand towards the business in respect of the use, its limitations and / or its consequences on you.

5.7. The use, therefore, of the content displayed on the site and the site services will be made at your sole and complete responsibility.

5.8. The use of the website is personal and exclusive to each user and cannot be checked, borrowed or transferred in any way.

5.9. Purchasing a course gives permission to use the course for a single person only, for up to 3 devices. The use of the course by the user is unlimited in time unless otherwise registered in the relevant place for each course. The permission to use it should not be transferred to others. .

5.10. The user undertakes to act in accordance with all laws as part of the implementation of the program content in the campaigns he conducts and to refrain from violating the provisions of law, including but without limiting the provisions of Amendment No. 40 to the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 2008 (hereinafter: “the Spam Law”).

5.11. To the extent that the business receives a demand for payment and / or a claim for an action performed by the user in violation of the Spam Law and / or any other legal provision, he will pass it on to the user and he undertakes to handle it immediately upon receipt and get in her shoes. To the extent that he does not do so within 7 days from the date of such notice, the business will be entitled to act at its sole discretion in the management of the matter.

5.12. The user undertakes to indemnify the business in respect of any application and / or demand of any third party for any payment resulting from non-compliance with the provisions of the law, including but without limiting attorneys’ fees within 14 days from the date of demand for payment.

5.13. By using the site, you authorize the site to store any content that you upload to the site on the site’s servers, indefinitely, at the sole discretion of the business.

5.14. The transmissions and information to and from the site are not confidential. The burden of maintaining the confidentiality of information, documents or messages transmitted to the site from and through it, rests with the user.

5.15. You agree that the transmission of information to or from the Site does not create any relationship between you and the Business that goes beyond those set forth in this Agreement.

6. external links

6.1. The Site may contain pointers and electronic links (hyperlinks) to and from other sources of information or resources found on other sites throughout the Internet (hereinafter: “Other Sources”).

6.2. Unless otherwise stated by the business, electronic links to and from the site can not be construed as expressing support or sponsorship, express or implied, by the business, regarding those other sources, which are not among the derivatives of the site.

6.3. The business does not guarantee that all the links found on the site will be correct and will lead to active websites. The business does not actually guarantee the presence of a particular link on the site because the content of the linked site is reliable, complete or up-to-date, and the business will not bear any responsibility in connection with it.

6.4. The content available from the external links is the responsibility of the site owner to whom the link leads. The business is not responsible for this content, their data or the visual elements to which the links lead and is not responsible for any consequences that may result from their use or reliance on them.

6.5. The business is not responsible for any indirect or direct damage caused to you or your property as a result of using or relying on the information and content appearing on the sites that you reach through the use of existing links on the site. The business bears the burden of responsibility for the derivatives of its website purely – the landing pages and the course website, as stated in the introduction to these regulations. Moreover, the business is not responsible for any indirect or direct damages due to the use or reliance on information and content published on the site by third parties.

7. Misuse of the site and its contents

7.1. The business strives to maintain an adequate and safe level of operation of the site, the products and services provided on it.

7.2. The user declares that he is aware that the following actions in relation to the username and password assigned to him are strictly prohibited and constitute an abuse which exposes the user to a civil lawsuit:

7.2.1. Transferring the username and / or password to a third party, whether in return or not;

7.2.2. Selling the username and / or password to a third party;

7.2.3. Providing access to the content of the site to a third party using the username and password.

7.3. The user declares that he is aware that the transfer and / or unauthorized use and / or sale of confidential information, as defined in section 11.4 below, to any third party is strictly prohibited and constitutes an abuse which exposes the user to a civil lawsuit.

7.4. Without limitation of other remedies and remedies, the business will restrict any action of a user and / or suspend any action of a user and / or remove information uploaded by a user and / or prevent access of a user and take technological and legal measures to protect his and / or his rights. Third parties.

7.5. The user is required to report any problem, malfunction or violation of these Terms of Use including infringement of rights.

7.6. The business reserves the right not to allow a user to participate in the content offered by the business, including courses, at its sole discretion.

8. International use of the site

8.1. In light of the global nature of the Internet, you declare that any action taken in front of the site is done in violation of the rules of the seat where you are located.

9. responsibility

9.1. The business can not, and does not actively monitor, the content you upload to the site (such as comments and messages).

9.2. However, the business may review the content you upload to the site and remove any content without prior notice. Actions under this section, will not create any obligation towards the business to review or remove content from the site.

9.3. The business will make reasonable efforts to prevent disruptions and disruptions to the site, and notwithstanding the foregoing, the business is not responsible for the site operating without any malfunction and / or the actions or omissions of other users.

9.4. The business will not be liable under any law for any damage and / or damage caused to the user of the site, including but not limited to, service interruptions, even if the business and / or its representatives knew and / or were informed of the possibility of such damage, which will cause you or any A factor other than you.

9.5. The site is a platform for presenting data and information regarding the data of each registered user on the site. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain his personal details. The business will not be liable under any law for damage caused, directly or indirectly, from the use of personal details of the user which will be done by any party. For more information about the site’s privacy policy, please read my privacy policy in this document.

9.6. By using the website, the user releases the business from any liability, for direct and / or indirect damage and / or harm to the user and / or to any third party.

9.7. The Site as a whole, including all information contained therein, the underlying software and the information and material accessed through the Site, are provided and made available to you as is (“AS-IS”).

9.8. In no case, the business and / or any of its employees and / or any of its managers and / or any of its owners and / or anyone on its behalf will not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages, or for any damages resulting from loss of use, loss of data or profits, Whether in the context of a contractual, negligent or other tort action, arising out of or related to the use of the site and documents or the performance of the site and documents, the provision or non-provision of services, or the information contained in the services.

9.9. The services provided by the site are a template in which the content that the business uploads to the site is embedded. The dissatisfaction of the user with the product and / or service as provided by the business and / or the website will not establish any liability for the business of any kind.

9.10. The business is only a platform for user content. Without derogating from the generality of the above and below sections, the business will not be liable under any law for any type of contract and in any framework between the users of the site and themselves and / or between the users of the site and a third party. Such engagement shall be the sole responsibility of the callers.

9.11. This agreement does not create and has no intention of creating working relationships, customer supplier relationships, management relationships, joint venture relationships, franchise relationships and agency relationships between the user and the business and / or the site.

9.12. Subject to the provisions of any other law, the business does not express any position and is not responsible, express or implied with respect to:

9.12.1. The information and content contained on the Site;

9.12.2. The content, information and actions, which are accessed through the site;

9.12.3. The products, software and services provided through the site and / or accessed through an electronic link from the site;

9.12.4. Any damage that has been or may be caused due to the transmission of confidential or sensitive information through the Site;

9.12.5. Any damage that has been or may be caused due to a defect or malfunction in the software that operates the site or the access to the site;

9.12.6. Any damage caused due to an action performed by the user while relying on the content of the site and / or its services and / or products.

10. privacy

10.1. The business makes reasonable efforts in the circumstances to protect the user’s details and privacy. However, due to the nature of the network, the business cannot guarantee complete protection of these details.

10.2. The data you provide when registering for the site will be stored in the site’s database. By law, you are not obligated to provide the information, but without providing it, you will not be able to use some of the services on the site.

10.3. We consider maintaining user privacy a top value. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is made clear to you that you allow the business and / or the website and / or anyone on behalf of the business to make any use of any content uploaded by you or anyone on your behalf to social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and any other social network or social platform Today, which is directly or indirectly related to the business, the site itself, the quality of its services and / or its contents.

10.4. By registering in the site’s database and agreeing to receive advertising content, the business may from time to time send you by e-mail, mail or cell phone, information about its services as well as marketing and advertising information. This information will be sent to the user’s e-mail box and / or e-mail address and / or by text message to the cellular phone number you provided. If you do not wish to continue to receive such commercial information, you can, at any time, revoke your consent and cease receiving the commercial information by entering a removal link from the service provided with the information and in this way only. It is hereby clarified that the Content may be promotional even if it is not marked as such.

10.5. By using the website, you release the business from any liability for any direct or indirect damage or damage, financial or otherwise, that will be caused to you as a result of leaking these details, regardless of the reason for their leakage.

10.6. It is hereby clarified that the use of the business products constitutes consent to receive updates by email as well as any other marketing / advertising material, as specified in section 10.4 above.

11. Intellectual Property

11.1. The site itself and all the pages on it are the property of the business. No part of the pages may be copied and / or published without the express consent of the business.

11.2. All intellectual property rights in the site including its name, design, content, application, computer code and any other material contained therein, the name of the business, its registered and unregistered trademarks are the exclusive property of the business. All other marks found on the Site are the proprietary trademarks of their respective owners. No action will be taken that may infringe on such property rights.

11.3. The site and the content appearing on it are protected by the copyright laws of the State of Israel, international conventions and the copyright laws of other countries. The content contained on the site is for your private and non-commercial use only. You agree to be bound by the terms of use that the business will include, along with the material and content that will be displayed on the site.

11.4. The user declares that he is aware that any information of any kind as well as any method of work, drawings, methods, records, documents, process description flow charts, lesson plans, graphic presentations, lecture content, marketing email wordings, advertising campaigns, landing pages , Gift brochures, processes, specifications, plans, proposals, documents, technical and economic, economic, commercial, technological, statistical, theoretical, practical and / or other information and data and / or any other information to which he is exposed as part of the use of the site and / or during The program, whether orally or in writing and / or in any other medium as well as any information related to the business, its activities, services, products, customers, plans and / or its professional, business and commercial secrets that have come and / or will come to its knowledge is confidential information (hereinafter : “Confidential Information”), which belongs in full to the business.

11.5. It is clear to the user that all information that will be revealed to him within the site and / or program and / or courses and intellectual property rights, including designs, copyrights, patents and inventions, trademarks and trade names, trade secrets and confidential information, in any material presented to him during and during the course and / Or the use of the site is the exclusive and complete property of the business, and the user does not acquire any right of any kind in the confidential information and / or in this content and / or in the intellectual property rights inherent in this information and content and that all intellectual property rights belong to the business.

11.6. No part of the protected material may be copied, distributed, publicly displayed, translated or given to a third party without the express prior written consent of the business.

11.7. To the extent that you upload content to the site, you undertake to the business that you are the rightful owner of the content, or that you have a permit for such use from the rightful owner. You warrant that the actual use you make of the content you upload to the Site is consistent with your approval of the use of the content provided to you.

11.8. When you upload content to the Site you absolve the Business from any liability for copyright infringement, copyright, trademark, trade secret and any other infringement claim in connection with the Content.

11.9. You undertake not to upload to the Site content that is protected by copyright, trade secret, which is subject to a claim by a third party, including infringement of the privacy of another party or infringement of any right of a third party.

11.10. If you own the copyright in the content contained on the site, and you believe that your rights have been infringed by another user, you are required to contact us through this form, the reference must contain the following details: name, username, email address, telephone number, details Violation and details to prove your rights in the content.

11.11. In providing the content of the content that you claim violates your rights, the rights that have been allegedly infringed (copyright, invasion of privacy, etc.) must be specified. An electronic link to the allegedly infringing content must also be attached:

11.11.1. Providing the details of the content you own and which you claim your rights in it have been violated (a link to the content you own must be attached).

11.11.2. Contact information with you (including name address, username, email address, phone number, etc.).

11.11.3. A statement that states that you firmly believe that the use made violates your rights and that the use is made out of scope.

11.11.4. A statement that you undertake that the content you have provided is accurate and reliable. You must also specify whether you own the copyright in the infringing content or whether you have permission to use the infringing material from its owner.

11.11.5. Your signature (physical or electronic).

11.12. The user undertakes to ensure that each of the people working for him and / or employed by him now or in the future and / or anyone on his behalf, who has any access to the confidential information, will undertake in writing prior to providing such access, to protect the confidentiality of confidential information. .

11.13. The business will do everything in its power to remove the infringing content, ostensibly, after clarifying your request, if it deems it appropriate to do so.

11.14. The business will do everything in its power to contact the alleged violator and find out his position before taking any action.

11.15. Before you draft a notice to the business regarding the presence of content that allegedly violates your rights, we recommend that you consult an attorney who will be able to explain your rights in the case in question.

11.16. It should be emphasized that the requirements presented above reflect the business policies, rights and obligations and are not a substitute for legal advice.

12. Receiving content

12.1. The Website may contain advertisements, advertisements and marketing information (hereinafter: “the Ads”) that promote the business services or the services of third parties who advertise their services through the Website (hereinafter: “the Advertisers”).

12.2. The responsibility for the content of the ads published on the site, including the information and rights, will apply to the advertisers only. The business has no responsibility regarding the content of these publications on the site or their reliability. The business examines the above content, but can not guarantee the truth and absolute viability of these ads published on the site.

12.3. It should be emphasized that the advertisers’ ads do not constitute any encouragement and / or recommendation for the purchase of the services and / or products offered for sale in ads by the business and any contact between you and the advertisers following the publication of the ads, will be made between you and the advertisers only. The business is not a party to the contract between you and can not bear any responsibility for the garden.

12.4. The responsibility for the content of the ads, as well as for the results that will occur due to reliance on the ads, rests solely with the user. The existence of the advertisements on the website does not constitute encouragement and / or a recommendation from the user on the part of the business to use the advertisers’ services.

12.5. The Business may from time to time send advertising content by email, telephone and any other means, even if they are not marked as such. The user declares that he does not have and will not have any claims as a result.

13. Non-competition

13.1. By accepting the terms of use, the user declares that he is aware that the information and methods to which he is exposed in the site content, including courses, may be trade secrets, as stated in section 11.4 above, which are protected by copyright and / or any other law, and undertakes not to transfer and / or disclose Or make any prohibited use of them.

13.2. The user undertakes not to work and / or provide services to competitors in the field for 36 months from the moment of joining the course. Competitors for the purposes of this section will be considered those engaged in the marketing of information products and courses and / or escort programs.

13.3. Detailed areas of practice / employers require prior written approval from the business.

13.4. The user undertakes not to provide these services by himself or through a family member, company, partner or any other party on his behalf.

14. Surveys and questionnaires

14.1. The business may include on the site questionnaires and surveys including (but not limited to) matters such as user experience, ease of use of the site, user satisfaction of third parties, service providers, providers, and any matter related to information or service provided to the user.

14.2. In order to better understand the nature of the information that the business collects in the surveys and questionnaires mentioned above, and the way in which the business uses this information, please refer to our privacy policy that appears in this document.

15. Discontinuation of use and refund

15.1. The Business shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to immediately, unilaterally and without giving any prior notice, discontinue the provision of the Services under this Agreement, including but not limited to, the termination of a user’s course of the Business due to improper act and / or conduct at its sole discretion , Without any action being taken against him.

15.2. No refund will be given for any service ordered, unless otherwise stated on the page detailing the details and terms of the relevant service. To the extent that there is a refund, a request for such a refund must be made within a period of up to 10 calendar days from the date of the transaction or at the time specified on the page detailing the details and terms of the relevant service if specified.

15.3. In addition, the user is aware that in order to be eligible for such a refund, he must submit all homework given to him as a condition for repayment, as indicated on the sale page of the relevant course or program, by the date of signing the waiver and show that he has implemented the program content, including continuous contact with a representative. The professional business assigned to him in relation to performing assignments and lessons. This is before the rule of law, since the Consumer Protection Law states that no refund will be given for products that can be copied or information products.

15.4. If a refund is given at the discretion of the business, it will be made in the manner the business chooses (credit, money transfer, check, cash) at its sole discretion, and within 90 business days from the date of approval of the refund.

15.5. If a refund is given at the discretion of the business, a cancellation fee of 10% and / or any expense incurred by the business in respect of the transaction will be deducted from it.

15.6. It is the user’s responsibility to provide the information required for the business to make the refund. The user will not make a claim and / or demand and / or claim to the business in connection with the period of the refund if he has not immediately provided the necessary details.

16. Indemnification

16.1. You agree to indemnify and hold damages to the business, its employees, managers, owners or anyone on their behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them, including attorney’s fees and legal expenses, due to breach of these Terms of Use.

17. Legal proceedings and arbitration

17.1. By accepting the terms of use, the user agrees not to participate and / or take part in a class action lawsuit against the business and / or anyone on its behalf.

17.2. These Terms of Use and any other agreement created by the business related to the use of the Website, will be subject to the laws of the State of Israel only.

17.3. All disputes and / or disputes between the parties to this agreement that are discovered in connection with the agreement and / or its implementation will be clarified before an arbitrator agreed upon by the parties, and insofar as there is no agreement on his identity, an arbitrator will be appointed by the Israel Bar Association.

17.4. The arbitration will take place in the city of Tel Aviv.

17.5. The provisions of the Arbitration Law, 1968, the additions and regulations enacted pursuant to it (hereinafter: the “Arbitration Law”) shall apply to the arbitration.

17.6. The arbitrator shall not be bound by the rules of civil law except for the law of evidence and / or the substantive law and the arbitrator must give reasons for his decision. The arbitral award may be appealed to an arbitrator in accordance with the provisions of section 21A of the Arbitration Law.

17.7. The competent court in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Law will be the Tel Aviv District Court.

17.8. Without derogating from the above, in any matter that is not within the jurisdiction of the arbitrator and / or in any case where this unique arbitration clause does not apply for any reason, the exclusive jurisdiction will be given to the competent court in the Tel Aviv-Yafo District and / or the Central District in Israel.

17.9. These provisions constitute an arbitration agreement between the parties for all intents and purposes.

17.10. Any change in the terms and conditions of this Terms of Use Agreement at the sole discretion of the Business.

17.11. The user declares that he has read the terms of use agreement and its instructions, understood its contents and agreed to all its provisions and terms of his own free will.

18. contact

18.1. The business adheres to the provisions of the law and respects the rights of the users of the site and third parties. In any question, clarification, complaint regarding violation of rights as stated in section 11.10 above, clarification of details, etc. You can contact the business by e-mail that appears on the course or sale page or through this form in the absence of e-mail.

18.2. The business provides customer service on its own initiative and without obligation. We endeavor to respond to all inquiries regarding technical issues, billing issues, and more – but we do not undertake to do so. It should be understood that unless otherwise stated or an escort program has been purchased, no escort and / or counseling is offered to clients of the digital courses and the business does not undertake to answer students’ questions in any way. The business makes an effort to provide users with mutual assistance platforms, but does not undertake to do so, and the service offered, if offered, may change or discontinue at any given time and the user will have no complaints about it. Of course, these services are not included in the price of the products and are not part of the product.

18.3. Unless otherwise stated, and provided that it is expressly stated that a service and / or product offered by the business and / or anyone on its behalf includes escort service and / or assistance and / or customer service and / or answering questions and the like, these services will be provided for 10 calendar days from the time of the transaction.

19. Approval of the terms of use

19.1. The user confirms that he has read carefully the terms of use and the sales page, and if necessary consulted the professional bodies regarding their receipt, that they are clear to him and that he accepts what is stated in them, and that he will have no claims and / or claims to the business in connection with them.

20. Third Party Copyright

20.1. Some of the images and media files appearing on the copyrighted site belong to one of the following content providers:




21. Registration for the site and courses

21.1. By registering on the site, you agree to receive mailings from us and / or newsletters and / or advertising content via email and / or SMS and / or any other way.

21.2. By registering on the site you agree to all the terms of use that appear on this page and you will need to be updated from time to time through this page only.

21.3. The site contains content in different languages, and attention must be paid before purchasing one of the courses and / or content displayed on the site, depending on the language you have chosen or the content is displayed in it at the time of purchase.

21.4. The site contains a wide range of courses and self-learning content, some paid and some not, which are an integral part of the content of the site even after you have access to them, and all the conditions apply to them as well.

21.5. Some of the courses are courses we own that we created and / or we own the copyright on, some in collaboration with others and / or other sites and / or courses that are part of marketing activities (like affiliate marketing but not only), and some are referral and / Or assimilation of content that is in free access on the Internet and / or any other way and / or method that is chosen to be used in the future.

21.6. A course and / or any other content that is offered for sale for a fee on the website, may be one of the types mentioned in section 21.4 above, and purchasing one of the courses does not necessarily mean that the content of the course to which you will have access is exclusive and / or It is not available across the Internet and / or access to the course content is not available elsewhere on the Internet, including free access.
Among other things, we charge money for the concentration of information and / or material and / or the various contents in a learning environment which we have seen fit to facilitate the consumption of the content and concentrate it in one place. You can contact us on the Contact Us page to get more details about any content that is displayed on the site and / or offered for sale for a fee.

21.7. When you join one of our free and / or paid clubs, you only get access to the content and / or courses that we own or some of them according to the type of subscription, unless otherwise stated.

21.8. We periodically hold contests in which the winner receives discounts and / or discount coupons when they are valid only for the content and / or courses which we own unless otherwise stated.


The business team wishes you a pleasant surfing!

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