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Joseph JR – My Story

Memories …

Lots of time passed, 10 years maybe, at best,

It has been a long time since I was exposed to the world of wonder. .

So they said there is a 15 year old boy who can earn a living only with the help of his computer that is connected to the internet!

That might sound a bit banal, 15 years old? What livelihood does he need?

That`s it … he then managed to buy an apartment with his own money and at the age of 18 he had his own company. .

And I, already 26 years old, work 9 hours every day to get a few pennies at the end of the month!

It lit a red lamp for me, I was waiting to see the news broadcast on TV, where they are going to talk about the boy, like a man waiting to see his wife on their wedding day.

On TV they talked quite superficially, however I managed to gather some information, researched, checked and searched until I found courses on the subject.

A few days later I had already purchased the best course package I could find.

That was not enough for me,

I wanted to know more and more. . .

This led me to a dead end!

There was no one to really guide me on how to get started,

Where to start and what to do with what!

And I am very ambitious, curious and perfectionist !!

I know,

This may be excessive,

The long way I did caused me a lot of delays,

Feelings of occasional failure and even feelings of frustration …

But, in retrospect, the path I took contributed a lot to my life!

Since then I have invested over $ 15,000 in courses and knowledge alone,

Countless hours of thought and countless hours of work in which I would try new things, some of which were successful for me and some less.

And because I had a desire to understand everything,

I got to the point where I even enrolled in an academy to study software engineering

In order to understand how to write code and get to know the world of computers up close.

And at the same time I was exploring the internet world for my own fun,

Although there were things that I did not succeed in and I even lost money in them (quite a bit), but together with the time I would invest in research in the world of the Internet and the enormous possibilities that exist in it, it led to huge success.

I started leading to business owners in everything related to digital,

I have built websites, promoted and run advertising campaigns … and more …

I have touched on almost every possible topic and channel of work in the internet world!

Until I really felt a huge success, when I set up my business, I quit my job as an employee and started focusing only on the internet world.

This has led me to a situation where I advise large business owners,

Manages a team of experts, and manages to earn in one month more money than I have invested in courses and knowledge.

But I still see that there is something hidden from most people.

Something that keeps them from trying even if they are exposed to it.

And what drives me crazy is that this market is only growing so that there is a place in the competition for just about everyone!

And yet, few are successful. . .

I went through a hard, long road full of challenges, so if I was focused and knew how things worked 10 years ago, I would save a lot of money and a lot of time and achieve goals faster.

So I checked again why there really are categories of people who have not heard of this wonder world at all, and why whoever has heard is still afraid to try, and whoever tries, his chances of success are slim !!! ??

After my business grew, and I had more free time to invest in information development and curricula, the decision was made, so I launched a basic course that teaches the subject of affiliate marketing from the ground up.

At the first launch I saw how much passion young people have for knowledge and learn, how they would wait for classes,

The good responses and feedback I got from them, all of this just gave me another push forward to contribute more and more. . .

And here is exactly where the idea of creating this website was born that will serve as a source of knowledge for the many diverse areas that can be used or in which to start making money online. . .

Here, on the MAKSAB website, you will find many articles, posts, guides and tools that you can immediately apply and start working through the Internet.

Among other things, you will find many written and photocopied guides that will guide you to start the shortest, fastest and safest way, swim in the wonderful world that the internet knows how to do, or rather we can do through the internet to make a living, either partially or as a main source of livelihood.

Most of the content is free, including professional courses in some topics for beginners, in addition there are also advanced premium courses at very affordable prices for those who want to take the subject seriously and make a lot of money with the help of the internet.

So take advantage of the precious content found here,

You will learn, apply and make a lot of money. . . .

Wishing you lots of success and a good livelihood. . . .

And most importantly, have fun while you make money, enjoy 🙂

“Joseph took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

Qualifications & Awards

The desire to know! and the nature of my occupation

Led me year after year to acquire more and more new knowledge…

To learn more and more new courses and degrees.

Some before I even started working in the Internet fields and a large part even after.

Here are some of the things I have experienced over the last decade…


  • Computer Science
  • Online Marketing
  • Web Master
  • Software Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Economy


  • Profitable Website Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Business Accompaniment
  • Guidance & Training Of Students
  • Online Course & Digital Products Development
  • Planning & Implementing Business Plans For Digital Marketing

Talents & Skills

  • Website & Graphic Design
  • Web Software Development
  • Guidance 

What I Can Do For Your Business








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