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By the end of the 20th century or so, we could somehow manage our time or at least control it when there was an urgent need.

Our free time and quality time was plentiful.

There are few things that could distract us from concentrating on things that are really important to us and that are advancing us toward our goal, we knew what was good for us and so we managed our time accordingly.

Unless someone really had a critical problem with discipline or time management specifically then he needed to focus more on self-consciousness and differentiate between the essential and the bland in his life.

But, on the other hand, nowadays (and this is unfortunately) we are already involuntarily concentrating on many things that are considered between the bland part and the complementary things in our lives.

We have already forgotten that there are only 24 hours a day and we re-imagine every day that the day after we will accomplish tasks that need over 24 hours at peak concentration.

This is because of the fast and changing world (too fast) we live in that affects us in two things:
A. Together with the existing technologies and the endless possibilities that exist we want to accomplish as many things as possible in a day.
B. Because a lot of things we can already do at lightning speed (like talking to the other side of the world, watching live broadcasts, sending faxes, machines, internet, technology and machines) it already affects us and we think that we as humans are also capable of doing things at lightning speed.

Although the skills of each and every person can be improved, there is also the possibility to improve and streamline the way we perform our tasks / work and in general to be able to do more in a day by learning, developing skills and practicing in everything related to time management.

The main difficulty nowadays is the presence of a lot of messiahs who exist almost everywhere, at any given time and almost at any moment in our hands, for via Tribia, YouTube, Facebook to smartphones, game TV series and many other things that set us in the comfort zone and fun. And productivity.

For the purpose, if not advanced remain in place, and it has already become a thing must be aware of the importance of time management in any way which seems to us efficient.

In this course we will go over the basic and main things in time management that will improve our thinking ability to a situation where it is otherwise possible.


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