Are you looking for different ways to generate side money or making money online?

Have you wondered time after time how other people manage to make over $6,000-10,000 a month?


We all ask ourselves in what ways we can earn more money, how to become rich people and lately,

the rage is investing in a website and making money online with it.

Creating an online income can be tough at first, you need to generate organic traffic to your site,

project or business and you need to attract the right crowd of people that are willing to pay for

what you have to offer them. A good way of building a crowd of followers and potential customers is by offering freebies.



These are gifts available for download or that can be shipped (most websites make their clients pay for the shipment).

The problem with offering freebies is that it will often attract the crowd of people who just want your content but don’t want to

invest on your products. To remedy this, there’s many ways you can use to target those who are likely to purchase your product

while still offering valuable and free content that will continue to attract traffic.


Traffic is very important for our no. 1 way on how to become rich online or simply create a side income by making money online:

  1. Google Ads

Google defines this service: “With Google AdSense you can earn money from your online content” What google AdSense

does is that it puts ads on your website that are related to the content you’re sharing. When people see or click through these ads, you earn a little bit of money from them.

The power is in the masses so you will earn the best amounts of money by creating content that attracts big crowds

of people to your website. This is where SEO optimized content and websites will play a big role on how to become rich since

getting recognized by search engines will help you build a steady traffic.


Our second method to make money online is also directly related to your traffic and depends greatly on how

engaged you are with your reader base, their feedback and their commitment to the content, goals and options you offer.


  1. Affiliate blogging is a great way to make money online because you partner with companies such as
  2. Amazon (just to give an example) and you earn a small commission out of what people buy.
  3. The great aspect of this way of earning money is that your find items and products related to your niche
  4. and you help your readers reduce the time they spend researching for a product by giving them your pick on certain products.

Your success with affiliate blogging will depend on how strong your following is and how much their trust/value your opinion.

Click Bank is another form of affiliate blogging but it’s also a platform that allows you to connect with the companies that are

looking for bloggers and websites that are ready to talk about their content. Commissions earned through

Click Bank can be as low as 5-10% and as high as 75%.  In fact, Click Bank is often cited by many bloggers and

successful entrepeneurs who share their tricks on how to become rich and successful online.


  1. Build an Ecommerce there’s many platforms out there that can aid you on this. You can either build
  2. an e-commerce by selling goods on places like Ebay or Amazon or you can register on websites like Etsy, Zibbet, Society6 and others.

This method is specifically for people who already have a service and product to offer and want to get directly to

the aspect of sales in order to make money online. In this case, you will either need a platform that connects sellers with

potential buyers as those mentioned above or create your own by buying a custom domain or joining websites like Weebly, Wix or Shopify.


These are just the tip of the icebergs there’s many ways and strategies on how to become rich, how to make money

online and how to achieve the income of your dreams. You just have to do your research,

figure out which will work best for you and persevere.


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