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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the purchase?

You will receive a form that must be filled out with all the details of the site, we will start with a needs analysis, we will receive the desired content from you and we will start building.

What is the difference between a domain and a sub-domain?

A domain is like Google.com, and a subdomain is another part that belongs to a domain, for example: XXXX.Google.com.

Can we change things after finishing work on the site?

Absolutely yes, you have 1-3 revision depending on the package you selected.

How long does it take for the site to be ready?

It varies according to your needs and requests, usually between 2-6 months.

What happens after the "free" period of the domain / hosting?

Very simple, you can choose between associating the site with your own domain / hosting or renewing the program at symbolic prices.

What do you mean by consulting and generating leads?

Consulting: Business recommendations for the site that can improve the results you achieve with its help.
Lead Generation: Implementing forms that customers can leave their details and enter the marketing funnel.

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