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We experience conflict in all areas of our relationships, and through life we develop all sorts of relationships – from our partners, to our children, our families and even our work colleagues and friends. By learning more about ourselves, understanding our emotions and our thoughts including how we interact in our relationships and our communication styles, we can become more mindful individuals and actually improve upon ourselves.


I offer a step towards that direction my workshops are hands on and experiential. People walk away with a sense of achievement and with practical insights and tools to start using and implementing straight away, this empowers them, and creates powerful lasting results. We do not realize this but by making small adjustments over time to our behavioral patterns and by learning effective techniques, we can enhance our relationships at a much deeper and more effective level, and be better role models for others around us. We can be a place where others gather, discuss issues and share. The aim is to be productive members of society while all at the same time also creating a balance.


My workshops help to:

  • Manage conflict constructively with the aim to resolve them.
  • Resolve relationship issues and create stronger bonds.
  • Help individuals become more emotionally self-aware of themselves.
  • Learn effective communication skills and improve upon them.
  • Become a better person through personal growth and development.
  • Help create an action plan to achieve desired outcomes.



  • Relationship Dynamics (3hr workshop)
  • Relationship Romance (3hr workshop)
  • My Journey Personal Transformation (1day workshop)
  • Making Relationships Work (1day workshop)
  • Parenting Workshop (2 half day workshop)
  • Emotional Intelligence workshop (3hr workshop)
  • Inspirational Talks
  • One-on-one or group coaching


Inspirational Talks:

I offer several inspirational talks which can be tweaked to include a specific message should this be required.


  • Walking the Mountain to our own Greatness
  • Achieving your goals in 3 easy steps
  • Money doesn’t make the world go round
  • Relationship Magic


Conflict is our Friend ebook:

Conflict is often seen as a negative experience instead of an opportunity to learn, grow and improve, not only as a person but also for the benefit of those around us. This e-book is to help and assist you in gaining a new understanding of your own thinking patterns and behavioural traits. It will help you deal with situations you may currently grapple with, ultimately paving the way for your own self growth and development and raising your emotional intelligence and awareness. It consists of some quick, practical, self-help tools to assist you in overcoming any areas of conflict, challenges or obstacles you may be facing in your life. More info here.

For more information on the workshops, talks or coaching services and how these can benefit you or your team, contact me here:


Email: [email protected]

Cell – 083 307 0918









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